Woman Shares The Incredibly Touching Reason Why This Shirt Is Hanging Up At Company In Pennsylvania

A company is honoring a long-term employee 10 years after his death by keeping his shirt hanging up.

When Freddie, a metal finisher for York Corrugating in Pennsylvania, died aged 56 after working at the company for 30 years, his colleagues decided to leave his shirt on its hook where it remains.

His niece, Kylie, an art director from Baltimore, posted a photo of the shirt to Reddit, where users loved the touching story.

She said:

“Uncle passed away 10 years ago but his company still has his shirt hanging up where he left it.”

Uncle passed away 10 years ago but his company still has his shirt hanging up where he left it. from r/pics

Freddy’s son, Dave, has worked at the same company as his father for more than 20 years and took the photo that Kylie posted on Reddit.

Kylie said:

“My mom actually asked him (Dave) to take the photo after she found out his shirt was still hanging up and she felt like it was a nice memory for her since she spent so much time with him during his last year.”

“Freddy had a lot of friends at York Corrugating and a lot of family members who worked there too—his son, his nephew, his younger brother and his brother-in-law.”

The heartwarming post reached more than 8,000 upvotes on Reddit and several users left positive comments about the story.

“That’s pretty cool. Your uncle must have been one hell of a person/employee to make an impact on a company like that.” ~ Forty9Giants

“Even if anyone took it down, there would remain a “shadow” left behind, since the wood and other materials behind it would not have been exposed to as much light. I bet the wood behind there looks 10 years newer.” ~ UserCheckNamesOut

“He’s forever made his mark. That’s awesome.” ~ MrSquid20

“That speaks volumes about what kind of person he was without saying a word. What a beautiful symbol of reverence.” ~ percula1869

“56 is way too young man, F cancer, that is really cool they kept it hanging there, that’s respect.” ~ Yak_Mehoff

“I’m sorry to hear that, it’s never easy to lose a family member. Especially at that age, believe me I know. But to still have his shirt hanging in the same exact spot after all this time, I wish I could find a company like that to work for.” ~ TsarOfSaturn

“That’s awesome, pretty crazy to think it potentially hasn’t been touched since he hung it there.” ~ BimmerM

Some shared similar tributes they have seen.

“On one of the MGM stages is a pair of leather gloves nailed to a beam up in the perms/catwalks that are 50′ over the stage. It’s the gloves of a grip who fell to his death from that spot a few years back. No one ever goes up there, but us Rigging Electricians and Grips, and I’m sure we are the only ones that know what those dusty gloves nailed to a beam in a old dark corner signify.” ~ countvoncastro

“My father worked with a man named Dan about 8 years ago. He was a driver/warehouse guy who died from a heart attack while on the job. They hung his badge and safety vest alone above the time clock in remembrance. He was a pretty popular guy both in the warehouse and sales office. In the last 1.5 years the last warehouse worker that knew Dan retired and a new branch manager took over. When my father came back from a vacation he went to the time clock and noticed the badge and vest were gone. They threw them in the trash.” ~ Massive_dongle

“We had a Mexican dishwasher who worked [for 25 years] at a restaurant I was at. He died of a massive heart attack on the job. They used to say he went to Mexican Valhalla. His picture is still in the break room surrounded by candles to this day.” ~ chillum1987

“I was working retail and the new girl slipped, fell, and died in the shower. Nobody really knew her, but not a single person would touch the hoodie she left hanging in the break room.” ~ Woolybunn1974

While for some it evoked an existential dread.

“This is what terrifies me. There will be a last time for everything, and we will mostly have no clue it is the last time.” ~ BirdieHo

Kylie said:

“I think the positive responses are really great.”

“I think at some point we all experience losing a co-worker who meant a lot to the team or to the company they worked for.”

“Freddy died so young of cancer that I think it’s really great that he made such an impression on his co-workers that they haven’t removed his shirt.”