Barber Decides To Attach A Free Condom To His Business Card—But He Makes A Hilariously Fatal Error

When advertising your business, you must be bold. Confident. Memorable. Risqué.

Twitter user @gamezjakee accomplished all of these things in a single tweet on March 9, 2019, which might have been far more impressive if he hadn’t made one very unfortunate error that many people picked up on.

If you look closely, you may notice the staples attaching the condom to Jake’s business card was placed in a rather unfortunate spot…

Our professional advice would be to NOT use that condom.

Going to Jake’s barbershop may get you lucky, but at what cost?

Some Twitter users suggested the staple through the condom may have actually been a savvy business decision.

Jake embraced his mistake, playing along with people’s jokes like a champ!

Of course, the jokes went right over a few people’s heads.

Who’ll be laughing when Jake’s customers bring their kids to him and double his profits?

One Twitter made perhaps the best observation: that the “mistake” caused Jake’s tweet to go viral, giving his barbershop huge amounts of publicity that money can’t buy.

Well played, Jake. Well played indeed.