GOP Congressman Devin Nunes Is Getting Dragged For His Ridiculous Anti-Socialism Tweet About The ‘Straw Police’

Ditching the use of plastic straws would help protect our marine animal friends like sea turtles, albatross, and various fishes in the sea. So in September 2018, California signed a bill to help reduce plastic waste that is clogging our shores.

Various restaurants are doing their part by offering sustainable alternatives like straws made out of recycled paper, while some establishments encourage putting lips to cups.

The new policy didn’t sip well with Congressman Devin Nunes.

Recently, the Representative for California’s 22nd congressional district interacted with a waitress who was obligated to ask all customers if they want straws, citing the policy was instituted by “The Straw Police.”

Sensing a threat to our nation, the climate change denier tweeted, “Welcome to Socialism in California!”, in response.

“At restaurant tonight waitress asks if we want straws. Says she has to ask now in fear of “THE STRAW POLICE”. Welcome to Socialism in California!”

Nunes’s reputation for denying climate change in a state known for its progressive stance on the environment is perplexing. When California was suffering from the worst drought in the state’s history, the Republican dismissed global warming as “nonsense” in a 2014 interview.

He blamed California’s water crisis on the federal government for shutting off and redirecting portions of the state’s water irrigation system towards a program for freshwater salmon, according to the New York Times.

He said:

“There was plenty of water. This has nothing to do with drought. They can blame global warming all they want, but this is about mathematics and engineering.”

So what is the Congressman doing, representing CA?

For people who care about our planet, his ridiculous analogy was the last straw. 

Here is a defining moment for socialism.

Twitter didn’t forget that as a Ranking Member of the House Intelligence Committee Chairman, Nunes obstructed the investigation into Russian collusion. 

Let’s not forget the real issue here.

Americans use 500 million straws every single day, according to Single-use plastic straws do not entirely break down and pile up in landfills and wind up in our oceans by the thousands, and the easiest way to address the issue is to simply not use them and opt for plastic straw replacements such as reusable bamboo or stainless steel straws.

Newsweek clarified that, under the new law, full-service restaurants must ask patrons if they want straws, but it doesn’t necessarily constitute an outright ban. Fast food restaurants and convenience stores are exempt from enforcing the policy.

As for the Congressman’s preference? It’s obvious he would rather just suck.