NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Was Caught On Video Jamming Out To An R. Kelly Song, And People Are Shaking Their Heads

Aside from the musical tastes of this South Carolina church, people are putting face to palm after watching a video of New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio grooved to R. Kelly’s “I Believe I Can Fly” from the 1996 Space Jam soundtrack.

R. Kelly is an R&B singer/songwriter and is also a known sex offender who has been charged with 10 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse involving four alleged victims, three of whom were minors.

He was indicted in Chicago last month. Maybe this church was celebrating the impending justice by playing his song? Nah.

In the leaked clip, de Blasio can be seen off to the left side of the chapel and flapping his arms to mimic the lyrics of the embattled singer’s once uplifting ballad about him taking flight “so high he can touch the sky” and flee from the law.

NY1 reporter Courtney Gross tweeted the video and wrote:

“I wonder if the @NYCMayor realizes who sings this song #SouthCarolina.”

Despite the pastor urging for the congregation to stand up and join in and letting their spirits move through them, most who were wise to the artist’s unspeakable sins and refused to let R. Kelly be their guide by remaining in their seats.

We can’t get past the song choice inside a church.

Others argued that music could be separated from the artist and enjoyed on its merit.

But the consensus claimed ignorance for de Blasio spreading his wings to a scarred sex offender’s song.

The singer pleaded not guilty to all the charges and continues to deny the allegations.

Recently, Gary Dennis, a nursing home worker, came across footage of the singer allegedly “sexually abusing underage African-American girls” and said it was his “moral duty” to notify law enforcement.

However, Gloria Allred, the lawyer who represented the other women alleging sexual abuse by the singer conceded that she couldn’t be “100% certain” the man in the video was R. Kelly. The singer denies being in the video.

He also had an emotional breakdown during a CBS This Morning interview with Gayle King in which he said, “I didn’t do this stuff. This is not me.”

In regards to the church’s out of step dance break, de Blasio’s rep insisted in an email:

“The Mayor wasn’t the church’s DJ and he certainly can’t be expected to recognize every R. Kelly track.”

Maybe de Blasio may have been clueless about the song’s origins, but whoa boy, is it cringe-worthy to watch!