There’s Now A GoPro For Your Dick Because The World Wasn’t A Big Enough Dumpster Fire Already

There’s actually a GoPro for your dick, and it’s ri-DICK-ulous.

Yes, I went there. But how could I not? This is 2019, everyone, and this is the year that you can purchase a CockCam, “the world’s first cock ring with a camera” created by UK-based sex toy company Julz.

The CockCam features:

  • Amazing night vision with 6 lightless night vision infrared lights
  • View & store footage via mobile device
  • Compatible with our secure mobile app
  • Stretchy yet tight silicone cock ring, keeping you harder for longer
  • HD video MP4 format, H.264 advanced encoding
  • Ultra-small Camera
  • Wifi wireless connection

Oh, did I mention that it gives you the ability to share footage with your partner across the globe?

The CockCam can do it all!

Behold! What a work of art!

It can be yours for just $159.95.

Cock Cam


The website says:

“All footage is stored directly to your mobile device.”

“Your footage is never stored on the App, the App is used to operate the camera and view the footage only. Check your mobile device’s security policies, data is not stored on the app or on any cloud storage.”

There are only a few reviews of the CockCam right now, but they are rather wholesome and pure and must be protected:

Cock Cam
Cock Cam
Cock Cam


Men, I know what you’re thinking: 

How can I get this thing to work on my penis?

Because the idea of getting a penis-eye view of the last time you got it on appeals to at least one of you, right?

Here you go—and the more you know…

The CockCam’s social media team is also hard at work promoting their product.

Mind out of the gutter people!

The future is now, guys.

Your penis will thank you later.