Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Asked Twitter For Some Furniture Advice, And The Replies Went Bananas Right Quick

Members of Congress; they’re just like us!

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is maintaining a residence in Washington DC and she needs help picking out some furniture.

So what did she decide to do? She reached out to her Twitter followers.

She has over 3 million of them. At least one of them has to have a good suggestion, right?

The Congresswoman decided to ask for suggestions in the wake of Facebook’s all-day outage yesterday, which also affected Instagram and WhatsApp.

She joked that the outage deprived her of the chance to “take you all on the riveting adventure of getting: a chair.”

People did respond to Ocasio-Cortez with furniture advice… but they came with their quips, too.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, ya’ll!

Paging Mr. Robert Mueller… and the towel boy.

Forget the furniture.

Just get puppies!

Give it time!

Just for fun, we’ll take a brief aside to entertain what Fox would say…

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming…

Damn those greedy Democrats!


Chairs are socialism.

That sums up today’s lesson, kids.