This ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Flub May Go Down As One Of The Dumbest Ever

On Friday night’s episode of Wheel of Fortune, a poor contestant named Reggie made a mistake he might just regret for the rest of his life. Presented with the following clue, Reggie decided he would try to solve the puzzle:


Perhaps many of you will be able to solve the puzzle based only on those letters, but Reggie was given an additional hint from host Pat Sajak: there were only vowels left on the board. But after being told this several times, Reggie decided to make a pretty unexpected move:

That’s right. Even though he was told there were only vowels left, he guessed the letter ‘W.’ This gave his opponent the opportunity to correctly solve the puzzle: treasure chest.

Reggie…oh, Reggie…

The pressure of appearing on a TV show can make people do some pretty silly things.

The world of Wheel of Fortune fans collectively facepalmed.

Pat was particularly disappointed in Reggie.

The next woman to guess, moments after Reggie, correctly identified the solution as “Treasure Chest,” winning $24,000.

Don’t worry, Reggie…at least you’re in good company!

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