Lin-Manuel Miranda Turned To Twitter To Help Name A Hamilton-Themed Café, And They Certainly Delivered

History is happening.

Lin-Manuel Miranda, the creator of the famous Broadway show Hamilton, took to Twitter to seek a solution for the name problem of his upcoming Hamilton-themed cafe inside the upcoming Hamilton exhibition:

Our vote so far is “Uptown Coffee.” It’s quiet uptown.

But people came up with even funnier options, even one that King George III would be proud of:

Some song puns:

I feel like getting coffee from a Burrista will result in too many shots.

They went on:

(Lin didn’t care for this one):

It’s too bad it isn’t a tea shop, there are so many historical puns to be made:

Werk, werk.

The list of possibilities is becoming endless:

Lin clearly enjoyed the puns:

The Hamilton exhibition is opening at the end of April in Chicago, IL.

Hamilton: The Exhibition is “designed to take visitors deeper into the life and times of Alexander Hamilton, while at the same time chronicling the American Revolution and the creation of the United States of America.”

We’ll keep you all posted about the name of the café.