New App Lets Models Trade In Their Looks And Social Media Following For Free Sh*t

If you’re blessed with good looks, your world is about to change.

I can’t speak for everybody, but a good majority of consumers are suckers for beautiful people. On a subconscious level, we’re often willing to pay for a product or service manipulated more by good looks than the products themselves.

Capitalizing on this superficial but effective marketing strategy is an app called Neon Coat.

According to the NY Post, Neon Coat is billed as a “model’s passport to everything” and is an app that takes marketing strategies a step further by rewarding beautiful people with free swag, like a comped dinner with a drink, discounted haircuts and free yoga classes.

Because that’s, you know, fair:

Neon Coat is also convenient for bachelors who are business owners, like Joey Bats Cafe owner Joseph Batista.

Since signing up, attractive patrons have been visiting Batista’s Lower East Side cafe every day to claim their two free pastries and a beverage.

What does he get out of it? Not a phone number, at least not yet, but it’s still something good for his business.

“In exchange, they’ll hang around and share a story [on Instagram] about the space.”

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The 39-year-old added that comely patrons provide an extra boost for his establishment known for offering Portuguese pastries like their signature item, “Pastéis de Nata,” which originated in Lisbon during the 1800s.

“People hanging around the space is always good. Having attractive people is even better.”

After using the service for free since opening his store, Batista pays $200 a month for the privilege of using the app.

His cafe populated with pretty patrons also draws curious onlookers who want to be a part of the scene.

“You see two attractive girls sitting in the window and guys are curious.”

“[They’ll] grab a pastry and sit next to the models, hoping to strike up a conversation with them.”

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Neon Coat launched in 2017 by co-founder Dan Berger and has 3,600 agented models who join at no cost and an Instagram reach of 100 million followers.

More than 100 businesses participate in the app, including, Taralucci E Vino, Bagatelle and Hunt & Fish Club.

Berger said, “It’s been growing exponentially,” with “eight new members a day.”

Cynics from the jealousy department chimed in.

Berger’s business partner Larissa Drekonja is a former model, who believes the service will benefit underpaid models.

Not every model makes top dollar, like 35-year-old Brooklyn model Dominyka Bernes. She just celebrated her birthday at Cleo on Park Avenue South with a lavish dinner and wine for the table, courtesy of Neon Coat.

“It’s such a nice way of celebrating a birthday, and not shelling out hundreds of dollars,” said Bernes. “Only some models make the big bucks — the rest of us have to hustle.”

For struggling models like her, the app’s business model seems to be a runway success.