Illinois Senate Agrees To Bar Trump From Ballot In 2020 If He Doesn’t Release His Taxes

The Illinois State Senate is sick and tired of President Donald Trump ducking and dodging the release of his tax returns.

Lawmakers recently approved a bill that would prevent Trump from appearing on the Illinois ballot in 2020 unless he releases five years of tax returns — but it still requires approval from the state’s House of Representatives. Other states like New Jersey and Washington have also introduced measures to make presidential candidates law-bound to release their tax returns.

States are finally pushing back after years of Trump refusing to release his filings to the public. 

Before the rise of Trump, presidential candidates releasing their tax returns was a no-brainer. Having an idea of a candidates’ finances helps assure the public they have no compromising financial entanglements.

As for Trump?

Nobody really knows for sure. There’s been plenty of speculation that Trump was bailed out with loans by foreign powers in the 90s — could that have anything to do with his unusual secrecy?

People on social media reacted to attempts to keep Trump off the ballet in 2020.

Others suggested that every state adopt the common-sense policy.

But not everyone believes the law will pass through the Illinois House of Representatives.

Either way, the fierce battle for Trump’s tax returns isn’t dying down.

But many (like the Illinois State Senate) are impatient about the long overdue release.

For years now, Trump and his goons have dragged out the same old excuses about mysterious audits that somehow prevent the president from releasing his tax returns.

New requirements like the ones proposed in Illinois might force Trump to come clean with the American people.