Cersei’s Disappointment In The Season 8 Premiere Of ‘Game Of Thrones’ Is Our New Favorite Meme

Game of Thrones made its triumphant return to the air last Sunday, and revelations were flying left and right. From the huge news concerning Jon’s parentage to several long-awaited reunions between fan-favorite characters, fans were left with everything they hoped for plus some unexpected twists.

One such reveal occurred during a meeting between Cersei, Euron Greyjoy, and the leader of the Golden Company (an army of mercenaries Cersei hired to fight for her).

While inquiring as to the size of the Golden Company’s army, Cersei asks about their elephants and was strangely disappointed to hear how many they brought with them:


In a later scene, Cersei would once again lament to herself the lack of elephants who came to Westeros with the Golden Company, prompting Twitter users everywhere to meme-ify her longing!

For Cersei, it was all about those elephants.

Is there even a point to sitting on the Iron Throne if you can’t have some elephants?

References to Tim Burton’s recently released Dumbo were everywhere.

Ultimately, however, the fans seemed to agree: bringing those elephants on a boat would have been a no-no.

With elephants like this on her side, there’s no way Cersei could lose!

One can only hope Cersei’s elephant love is revealed as the motivation behind ALL of her actions.

At least we can all agree: once this is all over, an elephant will sit on the Iron Throne. They’ve been a long time coming, but once they arrive, no one is safe.