This Guy’s ‘Star Wars’ Cosplay Should Win An Award For Just How Niche It Truly Is

The 2019 Star Wars Celebration was filled to the brim with Star Wars superfans showing off their love for and dedication to George Lucas’s immortal stories.

Just how dedicated were these fans?

So incredibly dedicated that Twitter user Lisa Zimmer saw MULTIPLE people cosplaying as the boom mic operator from several well-known behind-the-scenes photos from the Star Wars set.

Multiple Willrow Hoods were also seen through out the day…

But anyone who can brave short shorts for their look has to take the cake.

Wait, is Willrow Hood actually the winner?

No, no, it’s definitely the boom mic operator. 

Twitter users just stared in pure amazement.

There are very few movies so beloved that one could dress up as a boom-mic operator and be recognized.

Congratulations to hot-shorts boom-mic operator, the official winner of Star Wars Celebration 2019!