There Might Be Nothing Weirder Than This Guy Who Dug A Grave For His Dog While The Dog Watched

Um… this story is… it’s… what’s the word… WHAT THE F**K.

So writer Franklin Hardy, who’s written on TV shows like The Knick and You’re the Worst, recently posted an extremely, um, interesting? And confusing? And low-key mortifying? story on Twitter that has people shook!

Hardy’s dad’s dog was under the weather, and his veterinarian told him by phone (huh?) that, sadly, his dog was going to have to be put down (oh no). To make the deed as gentle as possible for both pooch and owner, the veterinarian offered to put the dog down at home (aww).

Hardy’s dad went and dug the dog’s grave, WHILE THE DOG WATCHED (WTF) and then the vet checked the dog and was like “Oops my bad everything’s cool bye!” (WHAT IN THE HELL IS GOING ON WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH ALL OF YOU WHY ARE YOU LIKE THIS).

Naturally, the internet quickly lost its mind, including Franklin himself, for whom things simply did not add up.

I mean, if you’ve ever had a sick cat or dog, you know that it can be difficult to diagnose them precisely. So fine, fair enough. But, um, diagnosing by phone?! Hmm? What now? Come again?

Hardy had similar questions.

Oh okay.

As for why his dad would let the dog watch him dig the dog’s grave?

…alright then, I guess…

What else is there to say at this point…

Of course, other folks on the internet were as perplexed and mortified and also tickled by this darkly hilarious, deeply weird trip into the psyche of a man and his dog:

And then it even got just a tad bit weirder:

So… that’s a thing that happened!

The one upshot here, of course, is that the dog likely escaped this unscathed. Cuz like, you know how dogs are…

At least he’ll have one more happy memory for the rest of his hopefully long life!