Officials Are Fighting A Poop Epidemic On The Streets Of San Francisco

Anyone who’s spent time in San Francisco knows the city struggles mightily with public sanitation.

New information released by government watchdog Open the Books suggests that San Francisco’s crisis is actually getting worse. Sadly, 28,000 instances of human feces on the sidewalk were reported in 2018 alone.

The city’s homelessness epidemic undoubtedly contributes to the appalling conditions.

That’s up 8,000 from 2017 and follows a disturbing trend of increased public defecation in San Francisco. 

Open The Books released an alarming chart detailing San Francisco’s stinky problem.

Open the Books/City of San Francisco


San Francisco is the strangest place.

It’s home to most of the biggest tech companies on the planet, including Facebook, Twitter and Uber. But the city’s downtown areas are replete with shocking inequality.

Visiting UN ambassador Leilani Farha recently compared the homeless encampments in San Francisco to the infamous scenes of poverty in Mumbai, India.

An interactive map of all the reported sightings of human waste shocked the internet.

People on social media reacted harshly to the statistics. 

Some blame San Francisco’s public sanitation crisis on liberal policies.

But the exact causes behind the homelessness issue are still hotly debated.

Even solutions like additional homeless shelters face legal opposition. 

The debate sparked conversations about local government, mental health and the tech industry’s responsibility.

One proposed solution suggests turning garages into apartment complexes. 

But the complex problem has no simple solutions and people are fed up with the lack of progress.

Experts often refer to the city’s homelessness epidemic as a humanitarian crisis.

If you’re interested in helping the homeless of San Francisco, check out this handy guide published by the San Francisco Chronicle.