Robert De Niro Just Threw Some Serious Shade At ‘Wannabe Gangster’ Trump During His ‘Colbert’ Interview

Robert De Niro recognizes a gangster when he sees one.

But he can also weed out the authentic gangsters from the phonies. After all, he’s made a career out of convincing generations of moviegoers that he’s a member of the mob with films like Goodfellas (1990), Casino (1995) and The Godfather franchise (1972-1990).

Lately, the celebrated actor had added another line to his resume by portraying Special Counsel Robert Mueller on Saturday Night Live, a role De Niro referred to as his “civic duty.”

On Friday, the vocal Trump critic castigated the president as he’s always done on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert.

When the late show host suggested the actor should give the Liar-In-Chief a chance, De Niro said:

“You’re right. That’s what I said when he was elected. I said ‘give him a chance.’ I give everyone the benefit of a doubt. This guy has proven himself to be a total loser.”

Fans agreed with De Niro’s description of the president.

De Niro is collaborating with director Martin Scorsese for their ninth project, The Irishman, which is a return to the gangster genre and will stream on Netflix following a theatrical release later this year.

While on the subject of gangster films, Colbert asked why there was such an appeal for the genre today, and De Niro gave a logical explanation.

“People like the outlaw thing, except you have a ‘wannabe’ gangster in the White House now.”

“Even gangsters have morals and they have ethics and a code. And when you give somebody your word, it’s all you have, especially in that world. This guy, he doesn’t even know what that means.”

De Niro’s candid honesty was appreciated.

New Yorkers tried to warn us about the corrupt real-estate mogul.

The entire interview wasn’t without moments of levity.

De Niro is known for being a man of a few words while on talk shows, so Colbert exploited the awkwardness with a challenge to keep the peace for a whole minute.

They filled the silence by eating sundaes, resulting in a generous serving of whipped cream from the can directly into their mouths.

You can watch Robert De Niro on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert in the YouTube clip below.