This NBA Coach’s Hilariously Extreme Reactions Are Pure Meme Gold

The internet’s latest obsession is a certifiable slam dunk.

The NBA playoffs kicked off on April 13, and so far, the biggest highlight didn’t come from the court during Sunday’s game at the Amway Center.

Nick Nurse, notorious for his over-the-top facial expressions, gave birth to a meme after reacting to a three-second traveling violation against Raptors’ player, Fred VanVleet.

Despite Nurse’s dramatic expression, the Toronto Raptors secured a victory over the Orlando Magic in Game 4 in the first round on Sunday.

But people can’t stop commenting on Nurse literally becoming unhinged.

Twitter seized upon the opportunity to score some shots with Nurse’s jaw drop.

This example demonstrates Nurse having serious breath control.

He has an aquatic doppelganger.

Beaker-incarnate goes rogue without a hand to guide him through the game.

Extreme close-ups make everything better.

Do you think it was a yawn?

Or did someone break this news to him?

Maybe he was watching another kind of game entirely.

Another popular meme resurfaced for an obligatory face-off.

The Magic was no match for the Raptors on Sunday night, but the disappointing news of their loss will forever be eclipsed by Nurse’s locked jaw.