Trump Posing With The Easter Bunny Has Inspired Some Glorious Memes

I have yet to see an Easter bunny cute enough for a child to want to cuddle with for a mall portrait.

And while the one that hopped in for a White House cameo was far from adorable, we’d chose him for a hug over all the other candidates in the photo op.

The furry that appeared standing next to Donald Trump at the annual Easter egg roll had a frozen expression that was all-too-relatable.

See for yourself. The look of terror on the bunny’s face is priceless and encapsulates everything we’ve been feeling for the past few years.

The White House Easter Egg Roll is an annual tradition dating back over a century to which Trump joked:

Welcome to the 2019 White House Easter Egg Roll!

This is 141 years we’ve been doing this, I don’t remember the first one…

Trump, flanked by the FLOTUS and the frightened hare, addressed the crowd from the balcony and touted the administration’s accomplishments including plans for rebuilding the military and the economy at the event geared mostly towards children.

He also updated the kids about progress for the border wall in Mexico, saying that “It’s happening. It’s being built now.”

But the snapshot of the three characters was just asking for jokes and quickly became a meme-worthy event.

Who wore the costume? For the Wascally Wabbit, you silly people!

Melania wasn’t off the hook either. Even she looks like she doesn’t want to be there.

Other elements in the photo are more qualified for sitting in the Oval Office.

Photoshop magic was on full display here.

There’s nothing like a furry to make children do your bidding.

The bunny trumps 45, no matter how terrifying it is.

Even Easter couldn’t bring us out of the nightmare that occurs daily at the Fright House.