This Dairy Queen Location Just Threw Some Ice Cold Shade At An Employee Using Their Sign

The manager of a Dairy Queen location in Yarmouth, Massachusetts, really wants Abby to come to work. We don’t know what Abby’s deal is.

To be honest, we’re just wondering how she hasn’t been fired yet. (She must make really good Blizzards.)

The manager used the restaurant’s sign to get the message across.

It later ended up on Reddit courtesy of a user by the name of HelicopterPenisHover (who we’re certain has an enthralling tale to share about his username).

When your employee won’t answer their phone from trashy

Get to work, Abby! What are you even doing?

The question here though is:

Was this trashy? Was this all in good fun?

It’s safe to say that people are divided.

“Yeah, I think it’s cute. It’s probably an inside joke with one of their employees who is on leave or something.”


“How does Abby still have a job?”


“I don’t know how some people manage to keep their jobs. My coworker the other night called in saying they were running late and would be there by 8. She just never showed up, still has her job despite passing out on the desk every night and showing up altered chemically a few times that she had to be sent home. It’s not like we wouldn’t be able to fill her position, I think it’s just that she has been there for so long.”


“This sub is going to sh*t.

This isn’t trashy. It’s hilarious. It’s most likely a franchise store, and the owner is having fun. Woop, big deal.”


“That’s funny. I don’t think it’s trashy at all.”


“Not trashy. Could be an inside joke about Abby who never misses work and asks for OT.”


“They may not know it yet, but when they need to start reminding the workers to show up at work on their signs, they may not have the best possible workforce at their disposal.”


“I wouldn’t let things get to this point they would have been fired immediately, this place seems desperate.”


“Not trashy but kind of mean/funny.”


Did Abby ever make it in? We don’t know.

According to locals who were able to identify this restaurant’s location, the Dairy Queen’s management is known for posting silly messages on its sign, so it’s likely an inside joke, one that’s bound to keep the tourists talking.

Shady and brilliant? Looks like it.