Jake Tapper Grills Kellyanne Conway Over Trump’s Charlottesville Comments, And She Responds In Typical Kellyanne Fashion

No matter how diligent CNN hosts are in extracting the truth from Trump administration guests, we may never get to the bottom of things with Kellyanne Conway in the house.

But kudos to CNN host Jake Tapper for relentlessly grilling the White House counselor for dancing around responding to Trump’s comments about Charlottesville.

Last month, President Trump downplayed the growing threat of white nationalism around the world when asked to comment after the New Zealand attacks, telling reporters that it was just a “small group of people that have very, very serious problems, I guess.”

CNN‘s interview between the State of the Union host and the presidential advisor was intense from out the gate, especially when Conway brought up the subject of Charlottesville, only to deny mention of the topic minutes later.

“Was his response perfect?” Tapper asked, referring to Trump’s “very fine people on both sides” reaction to the “Unite the Right” white supremacy rally during which peaceful protestor Heather Heyer was deliberately run over and killed on August 12, 2017.

“He’s not talking about white supremacists,” Conway said. “In fact, he condemned them in no uncertain terms.”

Conway still refused to answer Tapper’s question and added:

“I think it was twisted for many years for political purposes.”

The host interrupted her and repeated the question.

“Was his response perfect? Gary Cohn doesn’t think his response was perfect. it’s a very simple question: Yes or no, was President Trump’s response perfect?”

Conway rambled after saying, “It’s not a simple question.”

“When President Trump condemned racism, bigotry, evil violence, and then took it many steps further and called out neo-Nazis, white supremacists, KKK, that is darn near perfection.”

“All white supremacy, all neo-Nazis, all anti-Christianity, all anti-Semitism, all anti-Muslim activity should be condemned.”

Twitter is done with Conway wasting everyone’s time.

Conway gave another variation of her non-answer.

“All Neo-Nazis, all anti-Christianity, all anti-Semitism, anti-Muslim activity should be condemned, dead stop full. That’s the perfect response.”

But Tapper was quick to remind her of Trump’s Muslim ban.

“The president called for a full ban on Muslims entering the United States.”

Still, viewers didn’t get a one-word response.

Many agreed to a boycott of Conway on CNN.



Conway continued deflecting the topic by saying “you and others looking at 2020 are worried that this guy (Trump) can’t be beaten fairly and squarely.”

Tapper’s response was incisive and perfect:

“That comment is beneath you.”

The Huffington Post cited FBI data citing 7,175 hate crime incidents reported in 2017, with two-thirds of the crimes targeting people of race, ethnicity and ancestry.

The Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks domestic hate groups, reported that the number of U.S. hate groups surged to 30% in four years, with a 7% increase of hate groups in 2018 alone.

You can watch Kellyanne Conway’s time suck interview with Jake Tapper in the YouTube clip, below.