Man Who Claims He’s Broke After Volunteering Abroad Gets An Epic Fact Check From His Former Boss

Volunteer (verb): To work for a person or organization without being paid.

That definition is about to be incredibly important to this article. We’re about to talk about a man who apparently has zero idea of what the word actually means. Either that, or he’s playing people for sympathy. Either way, it’s safe to say he doesn’t come out looking too great at the end of this exchange.

Things started in the subreddit r/ChoosingBeggars. According to the description: 

“This subreddit is for posting screenshots, pictures, or stories of people who are being way too picky when it comes to who they beg for a relationship or any other matter.”

Now let’s be honest, we all know somebody like that. They’re typically entitled, self-absorbed and completely oblivious as to why their expectations would be an issue. Half of us have dated this person. It’s never fun.

This particular post came courtesy of someone who saw quite the interesting verbal fact-check happen on Facebook.

It started with a man asking his friends to send him money because he was stuck in Israel with only $60. According to the post, he was there volunteering for the last four months when he should have gone back to a paying job. He then goes on to complain that Israel is expensive, he’s “nearly stranded” in the middle east, and he was quitting Facebook.

It was a lot to process:


Thing is, it was about to get way more “a lot.” The guy must have forgotten that his boss was on Facebook and could see his post. Boss swooped in with a serious fact check, which was later expanded on Reddit.

Disgruntled Ex-Employee from ChoosingBeggars

First of all, this was not a volunteer position – the man was paid 1,200 pounds a month, which works out to about $1,550. That’s certainly not a lot of money, but that’s not all that he was given.

We’ll let the comments speak for themselves: 

@ChoosingBeggars / Reddit


The boss wasn’t the only one who called him out.

A coworker did as well, reminding him that he was paid more than many of the other employees and had essentially no expenses because the company covered everything.

@ChoosingBeggars / Reddit


The full Reddit post garnered a lot of attention, and a lot of questions; questions which the man’s supervisor (one of the company owners), Reddit user the95th, was more than happy to answer.

He elaborated a little bit more on the job position and what it entailed, as well as how the original poster went about handling things. We find out in the comments that the position wasn’t even in Israel.

The position was in the UK, and once the job was over the man opted to fly to Israel rather than go home to the United States:

“Nope… it was working as a “goffer” on a farm and a bit of a odd job man. Yunno, “mate can you pop to the shop and get some milk” – “carry that box”. He was a friend of one of the other guys here and came in from working in a foreign country to the UK after not liking his previous job in Asia.

He came to join the team whilst we moved machinery out of the UK to a new place in Europe.

Yeah the work was kinda tough in places; but also not exactly awful… plus yunno get to travel…. free food and accommodation…. and pay.”


He continued:

“Exactly…. yes it’s a startup. But not like the horror stories you hear; it’s pretty well paid for the work, it’s fun. Beers every night. Barbecues, parties, your own apartment accommodation, food, family, friends. Turn up when you want, leave when you finish.

Wanna reddit at work? Go for it as long as you get your shit done.

Wanna go for a smoke break? Go right ahead, I ain’t counting, Ive got my own shit to do.

Yes it’s longish hours (45 a week on average) and yeah it’s in a remote location. But there’s rail links and London an hour away, as well as a few towns and bars and restaurants.

Beautiful beach within walking distance and buckets of history.

It’s not an awful gig for someone that’s looking for a bit of adventure and R&R away from the world.

It’s I suppose a bit like logging, without the labour.”

He explained:

“Oh no; we’re not. We parted ways a week ago and he has somehow left the country we parted ways in; and went to Israel… instead of home.”

Things got even more interesting when the owner, after talking to a few others and being asked a few times, posted a THIRTY-THREE POINT LIST of ways this employee had taken total advantage of the arrangement, screwed things up, and then acted like it was everyone else’s fault.

Here is that list, in all its glory.

So a few things:

  1. He turned up in flip flops in November in England straight off a flight.

  2. Was really into peyote

  3. Loved cactuses

  4. Spent all day on tinder.

  5. Fell in love 3 times in 3 months with 3 different girls

  6. Is mid 30’s

  7. Got lost on a 3 mile walk and ended up lost for 6 hours?

  8. Thought he could walk from one part of a country to another… which is like 2 hour drive. (See point 7)

  9. Thought a fund would give him circa £1m to invest into crypto

  10. Bought a laptop from a guy in a pub and was upset when it died within 2 days.

  11. Spent a paid day trying to fix said personal laptop. With help from our on-call IT guy. Only to be told It’s Dead, Jim.

  12. Would eat 3 to 5 McDonald’s 1/4lb’ers in one sitting without flinching.

  13. Would be permanently ravenously hungry to the point I was afraid he would go through mitosis overnight and we’d have 2 of him.

  14. Got upset when he couldn’t do a certain part of a job, and would walk away to have a smoke because he “was bored of not doing the fun thing.”

  15. When asked to count 100 of something the client ended up with 114.

  16. Was told there would be a job in February 2019. He turned up in November 2018 with no money and no plans.

  17. Spent Christmas with our colleagues family, because no one would give him air miles to go home.

  18. As a parting gift for hospitality he gifted a tiny antique telescope. Which just seems weird.

  19. Would help himself to a colleagues recreational marijuana and get ridiculously stoned at after work parties.

  20. Would complain that he got too stoned over the weekend and couldn’t work Monday/wouldn’t work very effectively.

  21. Would eat food/lunches provided to outside contractors because he was stoned.

  22. First thing he bought in the UK was a briefcase.

  23. Second thing he bought in the UK was a brand new pair of Dr Martens (circa £200/$515)

  24. Third thing he did in the UK was complain he was broke.

  25. Freaked out because he thought we where gangsters.

  26. Would often say how he could totally take someone in a fight and was proper gangster.

  27. When police came to do a routine check on one of our premises he thought he would be deported…. because he’s American.

  28. When visiting a friend in London he complained about having to pay for her dinner. She had let him stay with her on a few weekends and asked for a decent meal as repayment. Their bill was around the £100 mark.

  29. Drank so much coffee he couldn’t sleep. Complained there was no coffee.

  30. Apparently whilst most of management where in meetings, he would walk to the other end of our premises and take a nap. Because it “helped focus his energy.”

  31. He Would then complain he couldn’t sleep at night because he’d napped too much.

  32. Would often say he “had” houses all around the world. I presumed he was a trust fund kid as his dads a lawyer. Turns out they where all his friends.

  33. Would complain to other employees that he was volunteering and needed to get a real job. Because this was wasting his time.

I think that’s pretty much it


Reddit, being Reddit, roasted him mercilessly once all the details came out.

“Speaking for Americans we are very sorry. Also we don’t want him back. No take backs, he’s your problem now”


“Also, he admired to being paid, but claimed it was “volunteer work” because his employer was getting paid more than him and had better,benefits from working,there longer? Makes sense… Smh”


“What a manipulative little shit.. “leaving Facebook so if you ever wanna see me again better come find me in Israel”‘


“So they got $1,200 a month and they ended up with $60? How!? How is that possible?”


“More than that £1200 GBP – or $1500 a month, housing which we rent for £400 a month, all utilities included as well as internet and home made dinners every night. I think he also got laundry thrown in too.”


“Jesus, what a spoiled entitled brat.

Still, I’m shocked that they got that much and managed to lose it all. I mean I doubt I could spend all that in a month.”


“CLEARLY, they got so much out of their “volunteering” experience. So much newfound appreciation.”


“I feel like this belongs on the “quit your bullshit” subreddit as well”


In the end, our dear stranded “volunteer” ended up blocking everyone on social media rather than respond to their points. We probably won’t ever know if he made it back to the States or not.

Hopefully, wherever he is, he’s gotten better about his spending habits — and looked up the meaning of “volunteer.”