Victoria Beckham Gives ‘Unusual’ Birthday Gift To Her Husband David Beckham And We Totally Get It

Football legend David Beckham got the strangest presents for his 44th birthday.

Maybe you’d expect a supercharged Maserati or diamond-encrusted watch from wife Victoria “Posh Spice” Beckham, but David’s birthday gifts turned out super ordinary.

Beckham recently posted an Instagram story showing off his presents:

$14 French deodorant, shirt cuffs, and a couple of cards.

And he seems totally pleased with the gifts…score!

David Beckham’s humble birthday gifts from Victoria went viral on social media. 

David Beckham/Instagram

Turns out David asked for the deodorant in advance…which sounds boring and somewhat tragic.

But even if you’re filthy rich, sometimes the best gifts are practical and simple. Besides, you know the couple probably has like four Maseratis anyway.

Of course, Victoria ended up spoiling him for real, with Page Six reporting David also received a “monogrammed leather bag” from his longtime wife to mark the occasion.

Victoria also paid tribute to her husband on Instagram.

Looks like the Beckham family enjoyed a fancy meal to celebrate.

Here’s a nice snap of the couple’s sons Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz. 

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💕💕💕💕💕💕 x

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Not everyone was amused by Victoria’s unusual gift, though.

One Scottish tabloid called David “stinky” even though he asked for the deodorant. 

But elsewhere on social media, Beckham was celebrated for his football career.

Football clubs around the world paid impressive tributes to Beckham. 

Take a moment to bask in the glory of David Beckham’s free-kick ability:

And yeah, he’s brilliant at football, but also insanely handsome at 44.

You know what’s also strange about this whole thing?

David Beckham actually has his own brand of deodorant, yet apparently prefers the expensive French stuff.


Either way, we’re hoping Beckham enjoys an odorless 44th (45th?) year on planet earth.