Someone Called AOC’s Boyfriend A ‘Bin Raccoon’, And Twitter’s Defense Of Him Morphed Into Its Own Meme

The new Netflix documentary Knock Down The House captures the story of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s historic primary campaign against ten-term incumbent Joe Crowley. Along the way, the film gave the public one of its first real looks at AOC’s longtime boyfriend, Riley Roberts, who was revealed to be a sensitive, supportive, engaged partner.

He also happened to have a large-ish beard.

Writer Marie Le Conte set off a controversy on Twitter when, in a now-deleted tweet, she wrote:

“Apologies for the blatantly mean tweet but THIS is what AOC’s boyfriend looks like? incredible scenes, truly representing all the ambitious and stunning millenial women shackled to boyfriends who look like bin raccoons out there”

Twitter immediately jumped to Roberts’ defense.

Le Conte reluctantly deleted her tweet, sending some shade at all the people who felt she went too far.

But Twitter had already taken Le Conte’s words and turned them into a dynamite new meme!

THIS is what AOC’s boyfriend looks like?!

Riley Roberts did not deserve any random internet hate, and Twitter made sure that was clear.

Also, “bin raccoon” is just really mean.

Once the memes start churning out, there’s nothing anyone can do to stop Twitter from doing what it does best.

In the meantime, AOC herself offered a small glimpse into her relationship which, unsurprisingly, is doing just fine.

To see AOC and Roberts as they really are, check out Netflix’s Knock Down The House, streaming now!

Now, can bin raccoons get some love‽


Seriously, how cute is that‽