Guy Wants His Dream Job At Disney World So Bad That He Takes Out An Expensive Highway Billboard

Ex-Disney intern Brandon Fox is determined to make his way back to the Magic Kingdom.

Fox previously worked for Disney World as part of the company’s college program. He used to accompany characters around the park and drive parade floats. Sounds fun! But since his college days, Brandon hasn’t been able to snag a permanent job with Disney. So he’s taken drastic measures in response by purchasing billboard space to promote his candidacy.

Resumes aren’t typically submitted via billboard, but this might be crazy enough to work.

We all know the pain of having job applications rejected or flat-out ignored.

So in that sense, you’ve got to admire Fox’s hustle. He’s already working as a PA professional (and apparently doing well enough to purchase the billboard space), but won’t quit applying until Disney calls him back.

He’s also been speaking with news outlets to get the word out.

Not everyone is impressed with Brandon’s billboard stunt.

Others are more optimistic and encouraging about his chances.

But some reckon Fox doesn’t even need the Disney job.

Jobs openings with Disney are notoriously competitive, but if Brandon’s willing to be flexible, I’ve found some alternative options worth exploring!

Perhaps he’d settle for work on a Disney cruise ship? It’s like the theme-park but AT SEA. 

Or how about ‘Costume Cam Specialist’ … whatever the heck that is.

Or maybe he’d look quack-tastic in a Donald Duck suit?

It’s unclear whether Brandon’s creative billboard will get the job done (literallly), but you’ve gotta respect his passion and enthusiasm for all things Mickey Mouse.

Somebody give this guy a job at Disneyland!