Stephen King Has A Prediction For How ‘Game Of Thrones’ Will End—But Fans Aren’t So Sure

**Warning** Game of Thrones spoilers

It shouldn’t surprise any of us that Stephen King, America’s “Master of Horror” is a big Game of Thrones fan. The man who wrote books like The Dark Tower and The Eyes of the Dragon is also a friend of George R.R. Martin, so he might know when the rest of Martin’s d*mn books are coming out.

Suffice it to say that if you don’t want to see SPOILERS for Game of Thrones, then you should hit the “back” button in your browser ASAP because it’s about to get real.

There are two episodes left before HBO’s hit show is over for good.

The most recent episode ended with the deaths of both Daenerys Targaryen’s beloved dragon Rhaegal and her trustful aide Missandei—and there are so many ways this story could go.

But if you ask Maineiac author Stephen King, Daenerys and Jon Snow could both actually die, leaving Tyrion Lannister to ascend to the throne.

This scenario would likely include Sansa Stark, whom Tyrion married many seasons ago. The two never actually consummated their marriage and never received a formal divorce, so it’s fair to say the two of them would rule together if this scenario were to play out the way King envisions.

Oh, and if you don’t think King knows how to end a story, don’t worry.

He sees you.

To be honest, although anyone could take the Iron Throne at this point, King’s theory is lent further credence because of a scene in which Sansa plants a seed of doubt in Tyrion’s mind about Daenerys’s capacity to rule.

How very Petyr Baelish of her, right?

And while some people agree with King, others have their own theories, as you can imagine.

Sansa has held the longest grudge toward Cersei Lannister, after all.

Now wouldn’t that be a twist?

Ha, that’ll be the day!

Though we can argue that Lord Varys, who values himself a man for the people, just might bring about an actual democracy.

Too bad Ghost has gone north of the Wall!

But what about all that shoddy writing these last two seasons, Mr. King?

Have you considered that?

Does this mean Cersei wins?

That’s just the sort of tragic ending Game of Thrones fans would eat up.

We have five more days until the next episode and just one more episode after that one, so stay tuned, ladies and gentlemen. Anything can happen.

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