Boston Red Sox Fans Are Roasting The White House Hard For A Glaring Typo On Their Website

The White House invited the World Series champions, the Boston Red Sox, to celebrate their victory with Donald Trump on Thursday, but not everyone showed up.

Maybe that was due to some confusion on the White House’s website that listed upcoming events to be streamed online and mentioned another team that sounded like them but didn’t exist. They called them “Socks” instead of “Sox.”

The team was incorrectly labeled on their website, saying that “President Trump Welcomes the 2018 World Series Champions The Boston Red Socks to the White House.”

If you’re going to invite a team, at least get their name right. Sox fans cried foul and lay into the administration over on Twitter.

This Yankees’ fan made a not-so-subliminal dig at the Sox.

At this point, we all know our menu options.

The team manager, Alex Cora, did not attend the festivities. His absence was a personal stand against the administration’s lack of organizing relief efforts in the wake of a hurricane in Cora’s native Puerto Rico.

In fact, the Associated Press reported that not a single person of color from the team chose to attend, including Mookie Betts, David Price, Jackie Bradley Jr., Rafael Devers, Hector Velazquez, Xander Bogaerts, Sandy Leon and Christian Vazquez.

However, their white teammates — including outfielder J.D. Martinez who is of Cuban descent — did accept the invitation and later got a tour of the Lincoln Bedroom that is usually off-limits to the public.

Now, this is my kind of celebration. 

If Trump needs any spelling help, maybe the team ought to send him this commemorative banner?