Dating Show Under Fire For Sending Same-Sex Couple On A Romantic Getaway To A Country Where Homosexuality Is Illegal

You’d think a same-sex dating show would know better. 🤦

British reality show Blind Date recently shipped two male bisexual contestants off to vacation at a destination where same-sex couples are illegal. Jordan Shannon and Jesse Drew arrived in Saint Lucia in the West Indies (a Caribbean island) only to learn same-sex acts are punishable by 10 years in prison. Oh hell, no.

Blind Date’s travel agent totally fudged this one up. 

A spokesperson for Channel 5 claims:

“We didn’t know and are taking this up with the production company.”

Jordan and Jesse apparently stayed for the whole trip, terrified the entire time. What’s the point of a dream vacation if you feel like you’re living a nightmare?

People on social media reacted to the nightmare vacation scenario.

Many are concerned about the risky situation the reality show threw the contestants into.

It’s clear a small amount of research would’ve prevented this screw-up.

But others couldn’t help but laugh at the irony of it all.

It might sound crazy, but there are actually countries that jail people for homosexuality.

Reports have cautioned that gay Americans “risk their lives” when traveling to countries like Brunei, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Iran and Mauritania.

So if there’s anything positive to salvage from Jordan and Jesse’s uncomfortable experience, at least we know where to avoid for summer vacation.