Fox News’ Interview With A Wisconsin Trump Supporter Takes A Back Seat After People See What He’s Eating

Fox News reporter Todd Piro interviewed a truck driver at a diner while in town during Democratic presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar’s town hall, but he wasn’t digging around for information about what locals thought of the Minnesota senator.

His assignment at Johnny V’s Classic Cafe in West Allis, WI, was to gather people’s thoughts about Trump’s tax returns a day after the New York Times disclosed that Trump reported losses of $1.17 billion between 1985 and 1994.

The internet was introduced to Johnny, a retired truck driver and avid Trump supporter who can give two s***s about Trump’s tax returns.

His non-comment was just background compared to the star of the video segment: his breakfast.

Vox journalist Aaron Rupar noticed the plate of ten eggs on the grifter’s plate and tweeted his astonishment.

Who needs all those eggs? Johnny, the retired truck driver, that’s who!

People believed that Johnny was in the middle of a breakfast challenge for a free breakfast that was not on the menu. The catch was, he had to scarf down a five-pound breakfast within an hour.

The “King Challenge” consists of ten eggs, 8 pancakes, 1 pound of hash browns, 3 sausages, 3 pieces of bacon, 1 ham, and an unspecified amount of Texas toast.

Ironically, he engaged in the very act he was critical about: freebies.

Is this free breakfast worth risking your health?

Johnny isn’t roughly the size of a barge like Gaston. That ship has sailed.

People were starting to get queasy.

But then – plot twist.

Eagle-eyed viewers noticed that Fox & Friends stayed true to their fake news branding. The plate cooked up by the establishment’s chefs was a rotating prop as Piro interviewed different patrons, as observed by Splinter News.

Piro also interviewed RyAnn, who is married to the owner of Johnny V’s, John Vassallo, and when he interviewed the next set of diners with the ten eggs in front of them, Johnny was visible in the background with an empty table. That would indicate he ate all the eggs OR the plate of fake eggs was making the rounds.

When Splinter called Kathy Vassallo, one of the owners, she couldn’t confirm if it was Jonny V’s idea to shuffle the eggs around between interviews, which means Fox & Friends producers may have cooked up the scheme to make us believe that Johnny, the truck driver just had an eggcellent appetite.

My brain is scrambled.