Atlanta News Story About The Murder Of Two Sex Workers Is Getting Called Out After Neighborhood Appears To Miss The Big Picture Entirely

Oh Georgia … we don’t know what’s going on lately, but can we just stop?

The state has found itself as the focus of public scorn yet again. First we had the “heartbeat bill” that would require doctors to perform procedures that literally don’t exist in reality and could punish women for a decade over a miscarriage.

Then we had lawmakers who refused to hire qualified black candidates because “the town isn’t ready” for black people? Oh, and as a follow-up, they mentioned that interracial marriage wasn’t “how Christians should live.”

Now we’ve got murder where the victims are, like, super inconvenient for the neighbors.

We have an incredibly long list of concerns, Georgia. 

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WSB-TV Channel 2 Action News is currently getting roasted to oblivion for the way they framed a story about sex workers. The story itself was focused on the residents of the community feeling unsafe because they felt prostitution was rampant and nothing was being done, regardless of their complaints to authorities. But… like… nobody seems too concerned with all the murder?

Residents wanting to feel like authorities are listening to them is a totally valid news story.

But did the social media header need to be worded like this? 


Two women have been murdered and the problem is the women, not the murderers? Who approved that header? Take a moment to really process what you’re reading:

“Two prostitutes have been murdered in the same community – and neighbors are fed up.”

Okay … most of us would be fed up if people were being murdered in our area.

“They say the prostitution still runs rampant…”

Wait… WHAT?! There are murders happening and the victims are what people are fed up about? We highly doubt that’s what anyone interviewed actually meant — but here it is in the header.

If we were to replace “prostitutes” with pretty much any other identifier, this would sound atrocious. Because it is!  

“Two bakers have been murdered in the same community – and neighbors are fed up. They say baking still runs rampant…”

“Two children have been murdered in the same community – and neighbors are fed up. They say childhood still runs rampant…”

“Two puppies have been murdered in the same community – and neighbors are fed up. They say dogs still runs rampant…”

“Two Muslims have been murdered in the same community – and neighbors are fed up. They say Islam still runs rampant…”

Pro tip for anyone who apparently needs it: When people are getting killed, the problem is the killer. 100% of the time, all the time. Murder victims are not the issue. Murderers are.

Twitter had absolutely no problem pointing out that this phrasing, this header, and this mindset were all trash. 


People even tried their hand at re-framing other murders: 


The news outlet, rather than deleting the tweet, offered an equally terrible explanation. The article wasn’t really about the murders (we noticed); they were simply mentioned to illustrate that the problems weren’t new! 


Guys… it didn’t go over well. 

As of yet, the outlet shows no signs of retracting, apologizing or adjusting their stance on the issue. Twitter, thankfully, shows no signs of letting up on them. No word from the neighbors as to whether or not they actually meant that murders were inconvenient. It’s possible that their intention was to discuss lack of support from local law enforcement and the news outlet ran with the “inconvenient dead women” angle.

Either way, one more time for the people in the back, when people are murdered — the murderers are the problem, not the victims!