Guy’s Viral Post About The Proper Way To Eat Chicken Nuggets Is Inspiring Some Real Hard Opinions

Is there a “right” way to eat certain foods?

It’s a debate as old as time itself, and there are few things that get humanity more impassioned than a serving of chicken nuggets.

Whether you prefer them baked or fried, everyone loves biting into one and feeling the crunch of the savory chicken skin—


Hold on a second.

Some people don’t.

Like this guy, who asked if people peel their chicken nuggets.

I have to admit that such a thought has never crossed my mind… not even in my wildest dreams. But this is America, and ya’ll can do what you want.

But the internet is divided over what some perceive as sacrilegious. 


This dude, apparently.

Chicken Nuggets

Well, we wouldn’t really go that far…

Chicken Nuggets

But… but why?

Chicken Nuggets


The photograph of defiled chicken earlier made its way through the Twitterverse… 

…where humanity came together to decry this fiendish act.

Well, except for this person.

And this one.

This person eats chicken their own way.

Next thing you know, this person is going to start removing the skin from fried chicken. This is how it starts. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. Why not just ordered the grilled chicken instead?