The Most Pressing Question After ‘Game Of Thrones’ Is WTF Was With That Horse?

*Warning: Game of Thrones spoilers ahead!*



The penultimate episode of the final season of Game of Thrones saw death and destruction reign down upon King’s Landing at the merciless hands of Daenerys Targaryen and, more literally, her dragon Drogo. Down amongst the burning common folk and crumbling buildings, however, was none other than Arya Stark, savior of mankind and assassin extraordinaire.

Many fans have taken issue with the character choices which led Dany and Arya to these points (Dany’s heel-turn to mindless killer and Arya’s decision to NOT pursue revenge when it was so close seemed, to many, unearned) but no one has questioned the visceral fear of watching Arya navigating through the endless death and destruction of Westeros’s capital.

When it was all over, Arya was the only living person in sight. As she surveyed the carnage wrought by Dany, the burned corpses of countless innocents, some of whom she had tried to save mere moments ago, another creature appeared in view: a horse.

Twitter couldn’t help but wonder… what the heck was that horse doing there?

Many Twitter users were ready to break out Old Town Road.

But, still, how on earth did this horse get here?

The horse had several strange aspects, from its hair to its calm demeanor even in the midst of death.

Many fans noted the recurring significance of white horses within the GoT universe.

One can only imagine what that horse was doing during the battle.

Quite a few people, upon seeing the horse, were reminded of a not-so-subtle passage from the Bible:

King’s Landing was certainly rife with surprises this week.

A couple of fans even had a theory to explain the horse’s odd behavior.

Well, now that the Hound’s gone, Arya and Horse are going to have to be the dream team that fixes this whole situation.

And, if the prophecies are true, there’s only one thing for Horse to do.