Watching Pete Buttigieg ‘Slow Jam The News’ Is A Truly Titillating And Hilarious Experience

Pretty much the only fun part of our presidential elections is watching candidates go onto the late-night shows and try–and sometimes succeed!–at some kind of silly antics.

The latest to give it a try? South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg! He went on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to take part in the classic bit, “Slow Jam the News.”

You know, the thing where Fallon and The Roots turn news stories into extremely sexy 70s R&B slow jams.

Hit it, Mayor Pete!

The bit had everything, including, of course, jokes about Buttigieg’s name: Fallon calls him “Booty Judge” before the roots launch into a rendition of the “Booty booty booty booty rockin everywhere!” refrain from Bubba Sparxxx’s “Ms. New Booty.”

And, of course, Buttigieg got to talk about his platform, in the most romantic way possible. We also learned some fun facts about him. Like how “Buttigieg” is worth 800 points in Scrabble! (Assuming you hit some “triple word score” squares, presumably!)

But it was Mayor Pete who got the last laugh: when Jimmy made a joke comparing him to Beaver Cleaver from the 50s show Leave It to Beaver, Bootyjudge–sorry, Buttigieg–feigned ignorance before quipping, “Sorry Jimmy, must be a generational thing.” Own that Millennial youthfulness, Mayor Pete!

Of course, there was more to Buttigieg’s appearance on Fallon than just his R&B crooning. He also addressed Donald Trump’s attempt to insult him by comparing him to MAD Magazine‘s Alfred E. Neuman… a reference that kinda goes over the heads of anyone under say, 60 years old…

Not exactly the sickest of burns! And certainly no match for Buttigieg’s response:

“We talk a lot about elevating the dialogue, so I guess the fact I inspired him to make a literary reference possibly for the first time…”

The audience had a hearty laugh as Buttigieg trailed off.

He also talked with Fallon about, of course, his presidential ambitions, a run-in with Jerry Seinfeld and even his Game of Thrones predictions.

You can see the full interview here:

On social media, people were LOVING this moment of hilarious R&B realness:

For some, Pete’s performance was so good it has them drawing comparisons between him and a certain former POTUS!

It was, of course, none other than Barack Obama who did the most iconic “Slow Jam the News” rendition back in 2016.

Who knows, maybe it will translate into success at the polls!