Vita Coco’s Social Media Person Just Hilariously Called A Writer’s Bluff After He Exclaimed His Disgust For Coconut Water

Twitter user and egg restaurant-owner @TonyPosnanski didn’t know when he tweeted out his unpopular opinions that he was about to get into an online feud with Vita Coco coconut water, but that’s exactly how most coconut water feuds begin.

Tony tried to put Vita Coco right back in its place…

But then things escalated.

Wait…. what.

Even Tony had to admit he’d been bested.

The company later confirmed that was real pee inside that jar.

Adding insult to injury, Chrissy Teigen even threw Tony some shade!

The exchange successfully convinced many to give Vita Coco a try.

Just remember, everyone, that when it comes to Twitter, the Vita Coco people don’t play around. Insult them at your own risk!