Josh Gad Just Brilliantly Dragged ‘Game Of Thrones’ Fans Petitioning For A Remake Of Season 8

Comedian Josh Gad wants Game of Thrones fans to redirect their outrage towards a more worthy cause.

Gad totally roasted GoT fans for whining about the show’s script, suggesting they spend that energy to fight Alabama’s appalling anti-abortion law. His viral tweet urges people to “write officials to tell them to stop forcing women to have a rapists’ baby” instead of bemoaning season 8 of the popular HBO series.

The tweet put things into perspective, especially for Game of Thrones fans.

Governor Kay Ivey just signed a hugely controversial bill into law that could charge Alabama doctors who perform abortions with life in prison.

The new law also prohibits surgical abortions as soon as a pregnancy can be “medically determined.” Democrats tried to pass an amendment that would exempt rape and incest victims, but it failed on an 11-21 vote.

Josh Gad’s timely tweet about Game of Thrones overshadowing Alabama’s crisis blew up on Twitter.

But not everybody agrees with Gad’s scathing criticism.

The viral tweet sparked plenty of debate.

But the debate over real-life abortion and Game of Thrones got muddled. 

Of course, it’s possible to complain about GoT AND protest the Alabama abortion bill.

But you’ve gotta respect Josh Gad for using his platform to speak out. 

Yes, Twitter — it’s possible to simultaneously care about Game of Thrones and abortion in Alabama.

But let’s be honest: people can get way more obsessive about entertainment than real-life social issues. If you’ve got time to sign a useless petition to remake Game of Thrones, consider getting involved in the fight against Alabama’s draconian abortion laws.