Comedian Asks If Elizabeth Warren Can Help With Her Love Life, And Warren Delivers Like The Boss Queen She Is

Elizabeth Warren stands out from the pack of this year’s Presidential hopefuls for lots of reasons, but it’s her ability to draft a clear and functional plan that’s really got people’s attention. Well, that and how much 45 really, really hates her.

Ms. Warren is so notorious for having a plan for everything that comedian Ashley Nicole Black posed a rhetorical question to the Twitterverse about it: 


People were pretty quick to respond, essentially agreeing that if she doesn’t have a plan already, she will as soon as she realizes it needs fixing. 


The post ended up with literally thousands of comments. Warren and her super-planning ability are known far and wide, so that’s not exactly surprising.

What is surprising is that buried in the responses was this little gem: 


Um… Did Elizabeth Warren just offer to take time out of her insanely busy schedule to help a comedian untangle her love life? Yes. Yes, she did. Apparently “Warren has a plan for that” isn’t so much a campaign slogan as it is a life’s calling.

The fact that she responded at all was shocking enough, but the fact that her response was pretty much “Yup. I got you” makes it even better. People love a candidate willing to help, after all.

Warren swooped in like a boss, and Twitter was 100% into it. 


So we guess if she loses her bid and decides to leave the political game, she’s already got an audience ready and waiting for her to be their online dating advice guru.  Having said that, something tells us Warren already has plans B-Z drafted and on deck.