This Viral Photo Of An Actual Alligator Chilling On An Inflatable Alligator In Someone’s Pool Is So Florida It Hurts

Florida Man strikes again. Or is it Florida Alligator? Basically, I think if Florida could be summed up in one phrase, it would be:

“Hold my beer!”

In a truly bizarre event that could only be described as peak Florida, a Georgia family vacationing in South Miami looked out the window of their Airbnb to find a ‘gator just chilling on an alligator float in their pool.

In science, this is referred to as Gator-ception.

The accepted definition of the term is when Florida is in the right combination of hot weather and wacky politics, the phenomenon known as Gator-ception, where gators of all varieties stack upon one another, occurs.

Gator Pool
Miami New Times


The image seems almost like a metaphor for the wackiness that is our 27th and most meme-able state. The state,  known for its bizarre collection of stories involving a nondescript “Florida Man” seems to keep coming back to  shock and entertain us in the most unexpected ways.

If there is one thing we can thank Florida for — other than Disney World and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter — it’s the constant flow of laughs.

As you can imagine, Twitter has had a LOT to say.

Twitter user @BillyCorden posted a tweet saying:

And you know what, he’s right.

Because Florida.

Other users on Twitter were quick to chime in and show their respective opinions of the event and of Florida.

Some came to show their support of the gator:

While others came to ask the most important questions:

There was even the perfect use for the classic Spider-Man meme:

But this comment may have summed it all up perfectly:

And with over 1,000 comments, that’s barely even the tip of the iceberg.

But when all is said and done, on the list of absolutely bonkers news that has come out of Florida, this event feels rather tame.

Yes, it is quite shocking to see an apex predator just living his best life in your pool. However, a dangerous predator  just waltzing into your personal space is fairly common for Florida and Miami.

But, what I believe needs to happen now, is one of two things.

Either we:

A) Make that gator the new logo for Florida Man.


B) Make that gator the new flag for the state of Florida.

Either way, we can’t let this great piece of amphibian history fade away. For Florida’s sake, let’s remember this moment forever.