‘Stranger Things 3’ Just Revitalized A Failed Product From The ’80s That Literally Nobody Was Asking For

Stranger Things recently teamed up with a truly strange thing…New Coke.

Does anyone remember New Coke? Released in April 1985, Coca-Cola launched a new recipe that consumers found totally repulsive.

A public outcry over the drink’s increased sweetness forced the soft-drink giant to yank New Coke from shelves. But Netflix’s Stranger Things 3 is bringing back the controversial Coke spin-off for a nostalgic marketing stunt.

Back from the grave (or the Upside Down)…New Coke lives again! 

According to reports, series creators The Duffer Brothers wrote New Coke into Season 3 of Stranger Things. But they also reached out to Coca-Cola corporate about producing a limited run of New Coke’s original 1985 recipe. 

Shockingly, their twisted plan worked!

New Coke will return to some stores and be available online for a limited time. You can check out Coke’s nifty retro-style website for the promotion here.

Even if you wouldn’t dare drink a New Coke, the website is totally radical. 



Coke executives told Fast Company about their unlikely collab with Stranger Things.

They wrote us into the third season in a fairly meaningful way, so they brought us the idea. And you can imagine that it wasn’t the idea that we were maybe expecting to hear. There was a moment, when anybody who’s been on this project sort of said, ‘Oh wow, are we . . . are we really gonna think about doing this?’

But the idea turned out pretty sweet, with plenty on social media cracking open a can of nostalgia. 

But not everyone’s welcoming New Coke back with open arms.

Others couldn’t help but groan about the Stranger Things corporate tie-in.

But you know what?

Some people are freaking pumped for New Coke’s return.

Some couldn’t help but think of New Coke’s brother from another mother…Crystal Pepsi.

Netflix is also doing other spooky promotions for Stranger Things and New Coke. 

But what exactly does New Coke taste like?

According to the internet…Pepsi.

Soda mythology suggests Coca-Cola originally launched New Coke to compete with sweeter brands of soft drinks, like Pepsi, that gained market share in the mid-eighties.

New Coke didn’t catch on like the original formula, but people seem unusually hyped about its 2019 revival.

Thanks to Stranger Things season 3we can all relive the glory (or brutal disappointment) of New Coke.