IKEA Just Flawlessly Recreated Some Iconic TV Living Rooms Using Their Own Products

One of the best things about TV is the escapism it provides, right?

Who hasn’t thought about what it would be like to jump through the TV screen and live our actual lives as our favorite characters?

In times like these, escapism is the only thing keeping many of us together.


*sobs to death*

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Well, now you can take that escapist streak one GIANT step further: In a stroke of genius, IKEA has recreated the living rooms from three iconic TV shows using only their own merchandise, all of it for sale online. So if you’re so inclined, you can hack your living room into Monica and Rachel’s from Friends, the Simpsons’ family living room or the Byers’ from Stranger Things

(I mean, honestly, that’d be kiiiinda creepy of you? But whatever gets you through the day! No judgement!)

Anyway, the images have gone viral because they are so completely dead on. I mean look at this one from The Simpsons!



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It’s pretty dead on!

Or how about this one? Look familiar? 



It certainly should since it’s basically EXACTLY THE SAME as Monica and Rachel’s wildly-implausible-for-a-waitress-and-a-chef living room:

Warner Bros


(Sadly, IKEA does not sell the weird slanty fire-escape window or the “Ugly Naked Guy” beyond it. You’ll have to find those yourselves. Maybe at a combination salvage yard nudist retreat?)

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Or perhaps you feel like communing with the not-dead-but-in-another-astral-plane?

IKEA’s got you covered, right down to Joyce Byers’s Christmas-lights-Ouija-board situation.



Pretty darn clever, right? According to Ad Week, it took the team that created these rooms two full months to compile all the perfect IKEA furnishings for these images. The living rooms will be featured in real-life stores in the Middle East as well.

On social media, people were impressed by the accuracy!

Though some couldn’t help but point out that the slight inaccuracies would’ve driven Monica Geller nuts:

Even the shows themselves had to give props (no pun intended)!

And a few people had some great ideas for which rooms IKEA should do next!

Anyway, if you’re dying to transform your home into one of these iconic rooms, IKEA’s got a dedicated microsite for all your shopping needs. Happy shopping!