Gloating Driver Who Fled Traffic Stop Is Arrested After Making 911 Call Mocking Police

A 19-year-old driver from St. John’s County, Florida was arrested on May 5 for multiple charges after fleeing from a traffic stop and then bragging about his escape.

He called 911 and asked why the police didn’t catch him.

According to a St. John’s County Sheriff’s Office arrest report, Nicholas Jones outran a deputy who was pursuing him for a tail light violation. Jones burned rubber out of a parking lot and headed down on South Woodlawn Street.

An hour later, “a subject called 911,” and mocked the police.

“I want to know…. I like ran from a cop 30 minutes to an hour ago. I was the guy… that… over there off of Kings Estates. Like what do we pay you guys for… like I’ve driven past 4 cops.”

The SJSO dispatcher could be heard on the recording, asking:

“What do you mean you ran from a cop?”


“I mean he turned his lights on me and got behind me and as he was walking up to my car I did a donut around him and left him.”

SJSO Dispatcher:

“OK, you want to now see the officer. Or… What’s your question?”


“Like… My question is … I’m assuming he put an APB out that has someone looking for my car… so like he definitely got the plate number but I’ve passed like 4 cops just driving around… Like what are you guys doing?”

St. Johns County deputies were able to track Jones who was wanted for a previous warrant.

Eventually, deputies were alerted to a vehicle found in front of a Ross clothing store with the same tag number as Jones’.

Jones is being charged for:

reckless driving, fleeing and eluding, misusing 911 and violation of probation.”

Sadly, the sunshine state continues getting a bad rep.


When asked why he called 911, Jones bragged about it and said:

“That cop had no right to stop me. I saw him turn his lights and sirens on and was going to stop but I didn’t want to.”

He added that he “could not believe that after [they] had his tag [they] could not find him.”

The young miscreant was amused and told the police, according to the arrest report:

“That’s funny. So I told on myself? No cop can catch me in my Hyundai Elantra, that thing is fast.”

Guess he went nowhere fast.