Trump’s Attempt To Discredit ‘Fake News’ That He Called Meghan Markle ‘Nasty’ Turns Into An Incredible Self-Own

Donald Trump called Meghan Markle “nasty” in an interview after he was alerted to her 2016 comment about threatening to move to Canada, where she worked at the time, if he became president.

During an interview with The Sun in the Oval Office ahead of his state visit to London on Monday, Trump said about Markle:

I didn’t know she was nasty.”

But the “Official Trump War Room” Twitter account vehemently insisted that the president denigrating the Duchess of Sussex was “fake news.”

“Here is what he actually said. Listen for yourself!,” they wrote.

Umm, that’s exactly what he said.

Their very own clip shows Trump clearly saying the word “nasty” in reference to Markle.

People are confused over the 2020 Trump campaign-managed account’s inadvertent self-own.

In the clip, interviewer Tom Newton Dunn prods Trump.

“Meghan who is now Duchess of Sussex, we have given her a different name, she can’t make it because she has got maternity leave. Are you sorry not to see her because she wasn’t so nice about you during the campaign. I don’t know if you saw that.”

Trump responded:

“I didn’t know that. No. I didn’t know that. No, I hope she’s OK.”

When the interviewer told Trump she threatened to move to Canada if he got elected, 45 said:

“A lot of people are moving here. So, what can I say? No, I didn’t know that she was nasty.”

Later on Twitter, Trump bashed CNN and the NY Times for fabricating “Fake News Media” and said, “they got caught cold.”

But “Forever Logical,” the Twitter account that combats propaganda through logic and facts, has been keeping the receipts.

Washington Post columnist Karen Tumulty was flummoxed and tweeted:

“Who is running that war room? George Orwell?”

White House correspondent for the NY Times, Maggie Haberman, added:

CNN‘s Jake Tapper also chimed in.

People argued that the headline was misleading.

Should there be any confusion here?

A White House official defended the president and told The Huffington Post that Trump didn’t call the Duchess of Sussex “nasty” and focused on the “very nice things” he said about her.

“He wasn’t saying she was nasty. He was responding to the reporter reading things she had said about him in the past and he was saying he didn’t realize she had said nasty things towards him. He said very nice things about her, including he thought she would do an excellent job as princess, etc.”

Whatever you say (elbow-elbow, wink-wink). Remember when Trump called another woman nasty?