A Weird Security Footage Video Of Something That Looks Like Dobby From ‘Harry Potter’ Has The Internet Uncomfortably LOLing

When you check security footage, you expect to see pretty much nothing.  Maybe the odd raccoon or a person walking by.

What you don’t expect to see is a bipedal lanky creature with pointy ears walking erratically across the screen, right?

A woman posted footage from her home camera of…something…and it’s a little stressful to behold.

People’s guesses ranged from themselves…

…to a certain beloved house elf from the Harry Potter franchise.

It does bear a striking resemblance to the elf, with the square-ish body, pointy ears, large head and lanky limbs.

But of course, it could be a different house elf altogether.

But in all seriousness, what is this thing‽

It’s totally creepy.

Some believe the creepy footage is promotional for the upcoming mobile game Wizards Unite, an augmented reality game published by Niantic, the same publishers of Pokemon Go.

The game’s premise is that unexplained magical activity all over the world is threatening to expose the wizarding world.

But the security footage seems to be from a Facebook post that is very real, so it’s unclear if that’s the case.

And if not, perhaps we should start preparing for an alien invasion?