Someone Made A Ventriloquist Dummy Of Timotheé Chalamet—And It’s One Big NOPE

Timothee Chalamet is an undeniably stunning man with incredibly distinctive features.

The actor’s chiseled jawline, luxurious mane, and almost feminine eyes would inspire pretty much any artist… we just really wish it didn’t inspire one artist in particular.

One figure maker took the time to painstakingly craft a ventriloquist’s dummy in the likeness of Timothee Chalamet in his Golden Globes outfit—the one with the notorious sparkling Luis Vuitton harness.

If you’re not sure which look we mean, go ahead and bask in the glory for a moment. We’ll wait.

Here he is rocking the look with his adorably proud mom. 

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momma !

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The figure maker really put some serious time into this dummy. The hair is fluffy and swooped.

The eyebrows are perfectly arched. The eyes are gloriously green. That jawline is literally chiseled.

The cost is probably a bit prohibitive for most of Timothee’s fans—it’s on Ebay for over $122 thousand US dollars—but that’s not what has people talking.

Like many ventriloquist dummies, this thing is just … inherently creepy


But once people got past the abject horror (we haven’t reached that point yet, personally), they started to notice that the dummy could also work pretty well for a few other famous faces: 


So who do you see when you look into the dummy’s horrifyingly soulless eyes?