Guy Trolls Modern-Day Depictions Of Noah’s Ark Over A Common Glaring Issue In Genius Thread

It’s Pride Month, folx!

There was never a better time to celebrate LGBTQ representation, and one Twitter user found a win for the LGBTQ community in a very unexpected place.

Anthony Oliveira, AKA @meakoopa on Twitter, is

“a writer, film programmer, pop culture critic, and PhD living in Toronto.”

He uses his Twitter as an outlet to discuss politics and LGBT culture, amongst other things.

Recently, Anthony decided to Tweet about the Sunday School favorite, Noah’s Ark.

Early on in his thread, he joked about how the story was a favorite amongst children because of the animals and rainbow, but really the story is pretty dark.

Soon after that point was made, Oliveira went on to shine a light on his true reason for bringing up Noah’s Ark.

In case you didn’t spot the artist’s oversight right away, both lions have a mane.

According to Sciencing:

“Male lions possess an iconic mane that encircles their head; females do not.”

As Oliveira pointed out in his hilarious Twitter thread, the gender of the lions is often confused in different depictions of Noah’s Ark.

Anthony also discovered where artists mixed big cat breeds which would have resulted in Ligers and Tigons.

People are loving Oliveira’s hilariously progressive observation about a historically orthodox ideology.

One Twitter user said it best.

Happy Pride, everyone!

If you’d like to celebrate Pride with your own little one, Noah’s Ark board book is available here.