Christian Group’s Petition To Have ‘Good Omens’ Canceled Has One Hilariously Glaring Issue

A Christian group is calling for the cancellation of the fantasy television show Good Omens adapted from Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett’s 1990 novel. The original book for Good Omens is available here.

The American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family, and Property, is strongly opposed to the six-part mini-series about an angel Aziraphale (Michael Sheen) and demon Crowley (David Tennant), who team up to prevent an antichrist child from starting Armageddon on earth.

The group’s subset, Return to Order, launched an online petition demanding for Netflix to pull the plug on the show. There is only one problem: Good Omens streams on Amazon Prime.

Unfortunately for Return to Order, they missed the devil in the details.

So far, the petition garnered over 20,000 signatures.

The Christian group disagreed with the Radio Times review of Good Omens, who called it “a devilishly funny love letter to the book.”

Some of the major gripes the campaign expressed were God being voiced by a woman (Frances McDormand) and the depiction of the antichrist as a “normal kid”.

The petition also stated that the show was:

“another step to make satanism appear normal, light and acceptable, and this type of video makes light of Truth, Error, Good and Evil, and destroys the barriers of horror that society still has for the devil.”

They added that Good Omens  “mocks God’s wisdom.”

Now the religious group is being mocked for their utter lack of awareness.

Netflix heeded the call to cancel their non-existent show, tweeting:

“ok we promise not to make any more.”

Amazon Prime, the rightful owner of the show, joined in on the roasting.

“Hey , we’ll cancel Stranger Things if you cancel Good Omens.”

Gaiman—who made good on Pratchett’s last request to adapt their novel into a screenplay (available here) before he died—commented on the embarrassing petition and tweeted:

“This is so beautiful… Promise me you won’t tell them?”

Fans of the show couldn’t resist tweeting their devilish sense of humor.

Not all religious people are rebuking the show.


In fact, people of different faiths are endorsing Good Omens.


All the hubbub actually increased viewership.

Good Omens is executive produced by Gaiman and stars Michael Sheen as the angel and David Tennant as the demon and co-stars Jon Hamm, Nick Offerman and Jack Whitehall.

It is NOT streaming on Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, CBS All Access or YouTube. It is streaming on Amazon Prime Video, mmm-kay?

According to the Guardian, Return to Order is “based on the writings of John Horvat II” and it “calls upon Americans to put principles into actions by working toward what is called an organic Christian society.”

Their petition far exceeded the 15,000 required signatures but has been removed from the official page on Return to Order.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to them.

It would be a shame if a lot of people read the original book, Good Omens, available here.

Or The Illustrated Good Omens, available here.

Or The Quite Nice and Fairly Accurate Good Omens Script Book, available here.

Or The Nice and Accurate Good Omens TV Companion: Your guide to Armageddon and the series based on the bestselling novel by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman, available here.

Or listened to Good Omens: The BBC Radio 4 Dramatization, available here.