Someone Just Noticed A Very Adult Situation Happening At The Airport Depicted In Their Kid’s Picture Book

While childhood is meant to be a time of multi-colored wonder, eventually every child must learn about the more difficult, less happy parts of life.

But doesn’t finding an actual drug bust in the details of a picture books seem a little over the top‽‽

Not if you’re the author of a certain children’s book.

Redditor u/rr2211 recently noticed her child poring over some… very adult images in her picture book…

See if you can find the extremely grown-up COCAINE BUST happening in this book for preschoolers.

This cocaine bust in my kid’s book from mildlyinteresting

Awwww there’s even a German Shepherd narcotics-sniffing doggo.


Here’s the full size image so you and your kids can take in the full scope of human darkness.


My personal favorite part is the baggage handler standing there looking sad and sympathetic for whoever is about to go to prison for owning this suitcase full of cocaine.


Anyway, it surely is important to teach kids about the dark side of life at some point but, like… maybe we could start with the fact that, say, sometimes cute, fluffy animals get sick before we move onto the international addiction economy? Just an idea.

But the drug bust wasn’t the only thing that caught people’s eye. Whoever made this picture book paid attention to detail—like including a guy filming the drug bust on his phone!

“And the person recording it on their phone behind the fence.” —RoachXXI

“Vertically, for added realism.” —wrariv

While also, for some reason, munching on a most unconventional snack…

And his turkey leg he brought all the way from the renaissance fair. —The_RockObama

And for a moment things seemed to be going even darker…

“And the seemingly illegal search of someone’s car.” —lorelairain

But thankfully that was just a false alarm:

“It is a butler unloading a car full of pink suitcases” —rr2211

Although to be fair…

“That butler still needs a warrant!” —sipsyrup

And as if the entirely age-inappropriate crime activity going on wasn’t enough, people started noticing some other very odd details in this airport scene.

Like WTF is the deal with the chef and the white stuff all over the fuselage?!

“Alright but what’s going on with the plane? Looks like foam is in the plane and the chef is considering running for it because that isn’t flour.” —white_android

“the chef is pointing to his watch like he gives a f**k about how soon they finish doing whatever it is that theyre doing with that strut stabilized crane” —penny_eater

“Or the fact that the plane has an actual chef in actual chef attire…” —dali01

Though some couldn’t help but see something even more wildly child-inappropriate than a drug bust!

“It looks like an elephant came all over the side of the plane” —alla_stocatta

“What about the c*m drenched mattress hanging on the plane?” —tachyon52

Honestly at this point, who knows?

Probably best to check all the fun images in your kids’ picture books… unless you want to start having some deeply age-inappropriate discussions!

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