Guy Gets A Hilarious Shock After Accidentally Going Through What Definitely Isn’t The Normal Exit Of A Store

Not all exit doors are created equal, as this guy recently discovered.

A man caught on camera didn’t think twice while leaving an unknown establishment and headed towards the glass door marked “exit.” But it wasn’t the proper exit.

The door he mistakenly assumed was the way out didn’t automatically swing outward as he expected.

But it opened only because of the impact of his inadvertent WWF body-slam into it.

Once he passed through to the other side, albeit with much confusion, the sensor humorously activated the automatic sliding door to his right, revealing the actual exit.

Fortunately for him, he wasn’t running. There was no shattered glass and busted noses (that we’re aware of), but it sure caught him by surprise.

Surveillance footage captured his WTF body language.

The footage of his understandable mistake was posted on Reddit‘s “Unexpected” thread, which features “unexpected twists in videos and gifs.”

He actually took his sunglasses off in amazement. from Unexpected

Users commented on the relatable confusion, and those with emergency exit expertise weighed in to relieve the poor guy from further embarrassment.

“Because that is the emergency exit. By code, all emergency exits have to have outward swinging doors. Automatic sliding doors don’t count. Many sliding doors combine both functions in one. Slide under normal operation but swing out if pushed.” –olderaccount

“yeah not the guys fault.This clearly looks like part of right sliding door and exit is written above it rofl. Really confusing trap.” – BrokenDusk

You learn something every day.

“For the sliding door to block the emergency door it would have to already open. If it is open, people can just use that. If it is closed, people can push through the emergency side. And it is quite possible the sliding part swings out too if pushed hard from the closed position.” – olderaccount

“This is correct. The hospital I used to run security for had this type of exit/sliding doors and they used to get jammed all the time because of s****y maintenance. In those cases, we would power down the emergency alarms for that particular door and simply push it open.”

“Some of those bastard doors take a decent amount of force to break out of their track, though. To engage the push open function, I mean. Definitely were not as easy as the guy in this video.” – JustAHooker</em

“The one in the video opens easily because it is normally the stationary panel. The sliding panels normally take much more force to break out of the tracks as you describe.” – olderaccount


This left the door wide open for many random thoughts.

“This is portal magic.” – CannonBallHead

“Lol. But then how do we exit if it opens and blocks the exit?! Haha” – ancientflowers

“It’s the OSHA version of when god closes a door he opens a window!” – paranoiajack

“The more you think about this door setup, the weirder it gets.” – trumps_baggy_gloves

Emergency exits come with funny rules.

“Similarly, I would always laugh when I would get asked when I was in clubs to not stand in front of the emergency exit. When I would ask “Why can’t I stand here?” I would usually get a response of “If there’s an emergency, there needs to be a clear path for people to get to the exit.”

“Well, yeah, I’m a people and I’m pretty sure I’ll be the first one out that door if there’s an emergency, but sure, I’ll move for you….” – cosmicsans

“I used the exit to destroy the exit.” – TrafficConesUpMyAss

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Did he take off his sunglasses in bewilderment?

Someone who shares his pain doesn’t think so.

“He did not take them off in amazement. He took them off because his nose hurt real bad. Source: I wear glasses.” – dalphus1

“Perhaps amazement. Perhaps because he hit the door sunglasses first and his nose bridge is now throbbing.” – gspleen

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Whoever designed this type of emergency exit is not receiving love.

“That’s still quite confusing. First of all, automatic sliders have the swing panel locked with a keyed safety latch. It shouldn’t open that easily the way he walked into it. Secondly, the EXIT painted right above the emergency outswing is actually retarded. Furthermore, it’s simply a terrible design by the Architect (why put two horizontal muntins on the slider, but not on the fixed?), who didn’t actually think about the application of these automatic sliders.”

“Honestly, I hate Architects, because I feel like they’re the most useless in actual construction and it’s already annoying trying to convince them structural issues.” – mugengaia

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The next time you think you’re going places, make sure you save face by knowing your way out.

Your nose will thank you.

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