Little Girl Battles Through Her Sister Gladiator-Style, Then Takes Out Her Baby Brother To Seal The Deal

Frustrated siblings of the world (so … pretty much everyone who has a sibling. It’s okay to admit they’re annoying sometimes.) MEET YOUR NEW HERO.

Recently a little girl named Quinn got the joy of doing what so many of us have only ever daydreamed about.

Think back to all the times your siblings drove you absolutely bonkers.

Maybe it was constantly stealing your clothes, your makeup, your toys, or your games. Maybe they had no respect for privacy and were always in your face. Maybe they were the favorite and somehow when they messed up it was always you who got in trouble. Or perhaps they were just really, really annoying.

It doesn’t matter why, what matters is that everyone with a sibling has daydreamed about what it would be like to be able to bash them upside the head a few times without actually hurting them and without any actual consequences.

Enter Quinn and this video of her living the dream.

Things start out innocently enough with a fair match above a foam pit. Her competitor seems to be about her age and about her size. The battle is brief, and Quinn comes out the winner.

“Two points for Quinn!” the narrator excitedly shouts…

…but it’s not over.

While the two were battling for sibling supremacy, a tiny player 3 crawled into the game. A baby, presumably her younger brother, crawled across the platform over the foam pit.

Mom makes the mistake of encouraging the baby to get the girls. Quinn takes this as a cue that the baby is a viable target and, without any real hesitation, marches for her unarmed tiny competitor, winds her foam battering ram back, and mercilessly (see also: hilariously) bashes the baby into the pit.

The caption says it all, fam. 


So yeah… Quinn is the clear champion of Sibling Smackdown 2019.

And yeah, people love her for it. She’s the hero every annoyed sibling needs, and an inspiration to us all.

Twitter can’t get enough of her. 


So here you go, Quinn, wherever you are.

You’ve earned it – both for winning the Sibling Smackdown and for inspiring us to get out there and take on all challenges… no matter how small.   

Want to see which of your children reigns victorious? This inflatable jousting set is available here.