People Are Texting Their ‘Number Neighbors’ With Decidedly Mixed (And Hilarious) Results

A new challenge has gone viral on Twitter where people are texting their “number neighbors” (people whose phone number is one digit higher or lower) to see what they’re like.

Some number neighbors are really cool, friendly people!

Others…not so much.

When no one else is there for you, you can always count on your number neighbor.

Many people made a friend-for-life from the random exchange!

Other number neighbors were strangely familiar…

Occasionally, number neighbors revealed arch-enemies.

But most of the time, feelings were pretty positive!

A few lucky people actually had celebrity number neighbors?!

You never know how things are going to end up with a number neighbor.

Of course, there were some shy individuals who didn’t want to be the ones to make the first move.

But there’s no point to waiting around! If you want to meet that special someone (number neighbor), put yourself out there!

You never know who you might meet.

Answering random calls and texts can be sketchy. But in Stephen King’s horror film Cell, available here, says your cellphone can be deadly.