Woman Posts Video Of Herself Reacting To Trying Kombucha For The First Time

You ever taste something for the first time and it sends you on a journey through every human emotion, from “Oh hell no” to “Well now wait a minute…” and then back to “NO” before returning once again to “Hmm maybe?”

A woman on TikTok documented this extremely relatable and specific experience and it’s blown up the internet.

Twitter user @Brittany_broski recently took to TikTok to document her reaction to her first taste of kombucha, the fermented drink that has proven very divisive since it came on the scene.

And already, many of you probably know exactly what to expect, because her reaction is EXACTLY the kombucha experience.

The accuracy!

First of all, kombucha DOES smell like a full-on toilet and the first taste is vile, like vinegar that has somehow rotted, but then the flavors hit you and you’re like “Oh okay! Cherry ginger” or whatever but then that vinegar bullshi* comes back and you’re like “NAH FU*K THIS” but then it settles and you’re like “Huh COULD I become one of these weird kombucha devotees?”

It truly is an emotional journey.

Also that weird, vile “SCOBY” stuff hovering in the bottom of the bottle always reminds me of this gauzy monster from Poltergeist. 

horror 1980s GIF

I do not f**k with kombucha.

But what captured the internet wasn’t so much the kombucha accuracy but just the general life accuracy.

Because Brittany_Broski’s reaction really does apply to… well, practically everything in life, and soon Twitter was off and running making a meme out of her relatable journey.

It fits a seemingly infinite number of life situations.

So here’s to you, @Brittany_Broski. Thank you for seeing us.

And good luck with the kombucha… it never really gets any better than this…

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