Subway Rider Goes Viral For Her Attempts At Taking A Sultry Selfie

How far would you go for the perfect selfie?

A woman on the New York City subway tested the limits of selfie-getting on Saturday, August 17th evening.

She was captured by Twitter user @benyahr revolving, rising, falling adjusting and overall trying to capture the perfect sultry selfie.

Work, dear!

Subway selfies are unique because you are electing to take a selfie in front of dozens of people you’ve never met before.

Not only that, but you’re taking up an entire seat to do so.

But our girl, @jessiica_george, got her selfies.

And she looked gooooooood.


She is a literal subway Queen, and those selfies show she looks the part too.

Hopefully this lady will give some other souls the confidence to be fierce as fire in public places.

Go out and take selfies, Queens.

Take them.

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