People Aren’t Sure If Video Shows Person Petting A Rabbit Or A Raven

Alright kids, it’s time for a new illusion to tear us apart on Twitter.

This time, we’ll be venturing not into the world of dresses or auditory tricks, but into the animal kingdom.

It all began when academic and podcast host Dan Quintana posted this video to his Twitter feed.

And pretty much immediately people were like…

Because… I mean… those ears are a beak, right‽‽

That cannot be a bunny.

And a whole debate ensued. Rabbit, or raven?

It makes you feel crazy!

But watch the video again.

For me, exhibit A that this was not a bun-bun was its eyelid when it blinked at about the 10-second mark.

You know those terrifying nictitating crocodile eyelids that allow them to still watch you even when they blink?

This thing has those. Which makes sense since birds and alligators are dinosaur reptile cousins or whatever.

Science! (I’m clearly not a scientist.)

Anyway, if you noticed the eyelid clue too you’re not alone.

Exactly Trishna. Tell them.

It turns out, it’s whatever this is.

Look at that beak.

Its shape.

The white tip.

The white neck mark.

That thing (a raven? a toucan? I am not an ornithologist, don’t @ me) is the thing that that thing in the video is. 

But there’s yet more evidence. Of the damning variety.

While @dsquintana never actually came out and said what the animal was, there was THIS exchange in which he admitted to *ominous music cue* NOT OWNING A RABBIT.


Anyway, it seems that the consensus (notwithstanding the people still insisting it’s a rabbit despite all evidence) was that it’s a white-necked raven…

interested showtime GIF by Desus & Mero

They’re native to Eastern and Southern Africa, where they nest on cliffs and eat everything from tortoises to carrion to garbage in nearby human villages.

Mystery solved! 

But as you might guess, despite the relative simplicity of this illusion the Twitter response was wild and varied. This thing drove people crazy.

From people who were like “yo that’s a raven, quit it” right from the jump…

… to people who fell for it completely.

And, this being Twitter, there were those with clever alternate theories of their own.

Along with some people who had, let’s say, “alternative animals” of their own to show off.

But all these jokes didn’t stop plenty of people from emphatically not getting it.

Bless their hearts.

Anyway, thank God this got solved simply so that it didn’t tear us apart like the dress and Yanny/Laurel did. A society can only take so much controversy.

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